Visitor Center

The Purina Farms Visitor Center includes the Incredible Dog Arena, where you can see our Pro Plan Performance Team dogs demonstrate their amazing skills; the Pet Center, where our dogs and cats live, which features a 20-foot, multi-level home for cats; and the Barn and Play area, which houses our domestic farm animals. There’s also a 75-seat theatre, which offers video presentations, live performances, and interactive games, as well as several concession and hospitality areas, a gift shop, and our information center.

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The Visitor Center offers educational experiences through exhibits that help you explore what goes into feeding pets and keeping them healthy. You can also experience what it’s like to operate a pet food factory through a hands-on exhibit that demonstrates Purina's expertise in creating leading dog and cat food brands, and find out more about Purina’s history from the timeline and informational displays located around the Center.

To see even more of Purina Farms, visit our hands-on petting areas and go for tractor-drawn wagon rides around the property. 

Incredible Dog Arena

The Incredible Dog Arena plays host to some of the most talented canines in the country, who perform exciting daily demonstrations as part of the Pro Plan Performance Team. Spectators can watch dogs of many different breeds leap into the air to catch a flying disc, run down a ramp and dive into a 50-foot heated pool, or maneuver through a series of jumps and obstacles in an agility course.

Many of the team’s dogs are rescue dogs. Due in large part to good nutrition, extensive athletic training, and lots of love, they’ve become amazing athletes, proving that shelter dogs have the potential to accomplish great feats.

The Purina Farms trainers are always available to answer questions from the crowd, whether they’re about how to get your dog started on the road to taking part in these exciting events, or just about how to care for your family pet.

Pet Center

Dozens of dogs and cats call the Pet Center at Purina Farms home. Inside, you’ll find a 20-foot-tall, multi-level cat house built to include the kind of structures that help cats express their natural behaviors and lead happy, healthy lives. Windows, stairways, and rocking chairs are all part of creating this feline paradise. Visitors can watch the cats interact from a staircase that provides an eye-level view of their home.

The Pet Center also features educational displays and videos that help visitors better understand pets and the roles they play in people’s lives. One unique display lets visitors experience the scents a dog's sensitive nose perceives while walking through a field.

The Pet Center's staff of professional handlers conducts grooming demonstrations throughout the day and is available to answer questions about pet care and training.

Barn and Play Area

Barn Area

The Barn and Play Area allows both adults and children to interact with a variety of the domestic animals found on a typical working farm. It houses sheep, horses, cows, hogs, rabbits and chickens, among other farm animals. A petting ring in the Barn's nursery area allows children to interact with chicks, piglets and baby rabbits.

The barn also has several interactive areas, with tunnels to crawl through, a rope to swing on, and toys to play with, while demonstrations throughout the day give visitors the chance to try milking a cow.

An enclosed area next to the barn features herding dogs demonstrating their expertise at corralling farm animals. These demonstrations provide a firsthand look at how dogs play a vital role in the lives and work of people everywhere.

Purina Event Center

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The Purina Event Center hosts a variety of shows, including dog and cat shows where breeders compete for "Best in Show," as well as performance trials that let dogs show off their skills. 

Spectators are welcome at any show at the Purina Event Center (unless otherwise noted on the Events Calendar),  and all shows are free to attend. Visitors who attend shows can bring their own folding chairs to settle in and watch the action. As always, please ask the owner's permission before petting or touching any dogs or cats at a show.

Click HERE to take a virtual tour of the Purina Event Center.